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Nepal Treks Tours Pvt. Ltd. (NTT) is a leading travel agency in the Himalayas of Nepal bringing customers a variety of treks and tours in a land that has enchanted and mystified the world for centuries. A colourful and diverse country, Nepal will enchant you with the beauty of its culture, mountains, and nature. It will enrich you with its culture, heritage, wildlife, flora and fauna, folklore, festivals, spirituality, philosophy, and at the same time surprise you with its modernity. Our treks and tours packages offer adventure, enlightenment, an array of cultural experiences, and a window into lifestyles as diverse as the land itself. All of this, as well as the welcoming smiles of a genuinely hospitable people, make Nepal a must-see destination.
Our expert team is ready to ensure your trip is an enjoyable once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Himalayas!

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Sankhu- Nagarkot Day Hike Whether it’s a trek to the high himalays or a short hike of few hours, travelling or walking with the nature is too much fun. Travelling helps to refresh our mind and made up of capable to tackle the problems like …

Trekking with Nepal Treks Tours

During trekking in the Nepali Himalayas, I started to understand what attracts us human beings to the mountains. Their greatness makes you feel small, their energy makes you feel stronger than ever. For me trekking in the Nepali Himalayas means ultimate freedom and carelessness. With …