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The Nepal Treks Tours is the agency impassioned with bringing non-resident visitors to Nepal by promoting the country as a vacation destination to both domestic and international audiences. We strive to facilitate all the travel requirements of the tourists by rendering excellent services. If you have the zeal to travel to various places and unravel different mysteries, then plan a holiday today at any location in Nepal. And if you yearn to explore the Nepal outdoors, but are hesitant to wander the wide blue yonder on your own, consider hiring an adventure guide to show you the way. Here we’ve gathered a list of popular expeditions offered by Nepal Treks Tours adventure guides for beginner to intermediate travelers to get you started on your journey, whether you're looking for family-friendly trips or vigorous exercise and adventure.
We’ve also compiled a list of our favorite activities, events, and locations to showcase the best of Nepal. Because when you’re here it’s all about having fun.Get off the beaten path or visit the most popular spots. You won’t find a bad view! There’s no better way to explore Nepal’s wild backcountry than under the wing of a trained guide who not only knows the ins and outs of trails, but can also give you insight on the area’s history.

We don’t just call ourselves the most social mountain country. We are. And celebrations bring out the best of Nepal, and us, with not-to-miss events—aka excuses to celebrate our rich history, dynamic community, endless creativity, local libations and so much more. Push boundaries and never lose your childlike sense of adventure.


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Sankhu- Nagarkot Day Hike Whether it’s a trek to the high himalays or a short hike of few hours, travelling or walking with the nature is too much fun. Travelling helps to refresh our mind and made up of capable to tackle the problems like …

Trekking with Nepal Treks Tours

During trekking in the Nepali Himalayas, I started to understand what attracts us human beings to the mountains. Their greatness makes you feel small, their energy makes you feel stronger than ever. For me trekking in the Nepali Himalayas means ultimate freedom and carelessness. With …