Sankhu- Nagarkot Day Hike

Whether it’s a trek to the high himalays or a short hike of few hours, travelling or walking with the nature is too much fun. Travelling helps to refresh our mind and made up of capable to tackle the problems like the fear of talking with new people, the fear of going to the new places. Travelling helps to uplift the confidence of yours, and hiking or trekking even brings more closer to the nature.If you are busy and you have not enough time to go trek to the himalays or other places then for you hiking is the best. Hiking is generally called as a short walk of 5-6 hours or even less. This types of hike can be called as a preparation or warm up for trekking to himalays.

One of the popular hike which we will like to recommend you is “Sankhu-Nagarkot” hike. A perfect place to go for hike- far from the overcrowded city where you can get the peace, the real feel of nature. A drive of less than  an hour from the Boudha will lead you to the Lapshiphedi in sakhu from where the officially hiking starts. From lapshiphedi, the trail is an uphill climb where it meets to Melamchi. A short walk from Melamchi weel leads to the “JaharSingh Pauwa” a small market owned by the Tamang Community. One can see the hospitality of the Tamang community here. After the tea break in Jahar singh Pauwa  the hike continues further and passes through the lush forests  where one can listen the chirping of birds, feel the fresh air and abdunant greenery  the trail passes through the Buddhist Vihars and small villages and reach to aahalchaur. After the snacks at ahalchaur we will head towards to the Nagarkot where the trail is easier compared to the others trail. After the walk of around one hour we will head towards to the “Nagarkot” our final destination. Nagrkot is a beautiful hill station which is reknown for the beautiful views of the Himalayan ranges, views of sunset and sunrise. After the hike ends, you can stay at the beautiful farmhouse of nagarkot or head back to Kathmandu.

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