Trekking with Nepal Treks Tours

During trekking in the Nepali Himalayas, I started to understand what attracts us human beings to
the mountains. Their greatness makes you feel small, their energy makes you feel stronger than ever.
For me trekking in the Nepali Himalayas means ultimate freedom and carelessness. With the
guidance and support of a professional team of guides, trek leaders and porters I have no worries at
all. Where I walk, where I sleep, where I eat, everything is well organised. They even take responsible
care of managing your energy and personal health.
I am just managing my own feet, taking me step by step to the most stunning views.
These views on snowy white mountain peaks, clear blue lakes, rocky ridges, green bamboo forests
and colorful Rhodondendron trees are stroking the eye, more than ever to be captured in any
Along the trekking paths I am greeted by the friendly smiling faces of the Nepali people, making their
living in the mountains in rich simplicity. Learning about their mountain culture, rich in traditions and
strong family relations, is a gift along the way.
Their way of cultivating the land, organic and self-sufficient, makes me aware of the importance of
the knowledge they own and practice every day.
A day of trekking can be tough though, but the bigger the pleasure will be to arrive in the
guesthouses, sharing the space around the fireplace and enjoying the best Dal bhat, that contains
everything to keeps you going.

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