Canyoning in Nepal

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Canyoning Is one of the new developed water sport is in Nepal. Canyoning is an extremely adventurous sport with a thrilling experience. All of the activities as abseiling, sliding, jumping, swimming, and climbing down waterfalls through steep canyon walls to deep pools are categorized as Canyoning. A unique combination of canyoning skills gives the brave canyoneer the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places in Nepal. So if you’re looking for your next outdoor adventure or if you are adventure lover then Canyoning is for you.

Canyoning (also known as gorge walking) is probably best described as white water rafting without the boat. Canyoners navigate their way down water filled gorges by swimming through rock pools, sliding down chutes and clambering over the rocks and other unique features of the canyon landscape. This pastime combines elements from different outdoor disciplines including scrambling, abseiling, cliff jumping and swimming and requires local knowledge and rope rigging skills to be done safely.

Canyoning walking is usually done in remote and mountainous areas where water has cut unusual patterns and shapes through the rock. While there are some fairly technical canyoning trips around, most focus on fun and beautiful locations with plenty of big jumps and natural water slides that are accessible to all.

If you are planning your weekend or day out for Canyoning trip then make sure you’ve read up all you can about the canyon and local area before you arrive so that you’re as familiar as possible with all the quirks and danger spots of the spot you’re going to tackle. It’s also a good idea to check the weather report for the whole week surrounding your trip date to make sure there isn’t any heavy rain coming in which could cause dangerous rapids or flash floods. Canyoing itself is one of most dangerous if you haven’t got any experience or if you don’t have well trained Canyoning guide.

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Canyoning in Nepal