Trishuli River Rafting


Trishuli River rafting is one of the most popular rafting destination in Nepal which is situated north west of Kathmandu. White water rafting trip in Trishuli River is exciting, fun and safe for all age groups. Our one day Trishuli River Rafting with river views surrounded by forests and wilderness.

For the most of the year the rapids encountered on the Trisuli are straightforward, easily negotiated and well spaced out. But during the monsoon season trisuli river rafting will be quite challenging  and the rapid goes up to -4 grade. Trisuli river is an excellent river for those looking for a short river trip, without the challenge of huge rapids, but with some really exciting rapids, with beautiful scenery and a relatively peaceful environment.

During the monsoon months the intensity of the rapids increases and attracts a radically different set of rafters. But there are sections for rafting during the monsoon for those who are looking for simply exciting trip.

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Trishuli River Rafting